Beeckestijn Business School

TOTE-M has been working with Beeckestijn Business School in Leusden since 2009. For both postgraduate courses–Multichannel and Customer Experience Management, and Customer Journey and Experience Management–we develop the curricula and provide the lead lecturers. In addition to these courses, TOTE-M also facilitates many other guest lectures and clinics. Interested to give your career a boost and expand your professionalism?Take a look at the Beeckestijn website.

CX Circle

CX Circle is an independent Customer Experience community where professionals come together to share knowledge and gain inspiration.

Given the ambition and enthusiasm of the founders, we didn’t hesitate for a moment to become a supporting partner. With a minimum of three CX-sessions per year, CX Circle ensures that you’re always up to date on developments in your field. Together with other community members, we improve the level of customer experience in the Netherlands significantly. Interested in joining upcoming sessions? Take a look at the CX Circle website!

Shaun Smith

Since 2008 TOTE-M works together with Customer Experience guru Shaun Smith. Shaun is a founder of the British firm Smtih + Co, popular speaker and author of bestsellers like BOLD and On Purpose. In his latter book TOTE-M has contributed to the chapter in which the case is described on UPC Business and its parent company Liberty Global.

Henkjan Smits

Henkjan is best known for his work as a judge in the Dutch TV talent contest Idols, but he does so much more than that. TOTE-M has the pleasure of teaming up with Henkjan to inspire our customers, employees, and managers to let the best in themselves emerge (the X factor) in favor of the customer.

Platform Innovatie in Marketing (Platform for Innovation in Marketing)

The Platform Innovation in Marketing (PIM) is the Dutch knowledge network operating at the intersection of marketing, innovation, and technology. PIM wants to increase the commercial effectiveness of its members and transform The Netherlands into Europe’s leading marketing inspiration country. TOTE-M is a member of PIM and contributes to the inspiring program of sessions and clinics.

Platform voor Klantgericht Ondernemen (Platform for Customer Centricity in Business)

PvKO (Platform for Customer Centricity in Business) is an independent knowledge platform and facilitates a high quality network for marketers, strategists, managers, researchers, and teachers who contribute to the professionalization of customer centricity of organizations. TOTE-M has been a member for years and supports this initiative.

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