Vision TOTE-M


Our Vision

At TOTE-M, we are driven by our purpose: creating, facilitating, and securing valuable experiences. Organizations that create valuable experiences make a difference. We believe that these experiences can only be valuable if they are perceived as such by both parties.

The needs and wants of the customer are important. However, we believe that the brand, values, and purpose of the organization are equally important, especially if a company wants to deliver a differentiated and memorable customer experience. We use our proprietary methodology to uniquely assist you in creating a truly branded customer experience. The result: loyal customer behavior and warm recommendations from your customers!

All our efforts are infused by our three core values: Personalized, Memorable, and Sustainable. These apply to the experiences we design for your customers, as well as to the way we serve our clients, our partners, and ourselves.

Customers want to be recognized, acknowledged and appreciated We feel it is important to go beyond the business relationship and get to know you personally. We also believe that customers can only be serviced well if their story is being heard, known and acted upon.

In order for a customer experience to be effective, your customer has to remember it. To create memorable customer experiences, we use research by Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman. By applying the results of his research in our methodology, we can help you provide a truly unforgettable experience to your customers.

We have long standing relationships with our clients. That is an experience that we wish for you and your customers as well. Long-term relationships that are valuable to both sides are the key to long-term success. We help you improve and extend the relationship with your customers, employees, and suppliers.

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