CX Training

Customer Engagement

As the famous writer, poet and human rights activist Maya Angelou once said “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”

Customer experience is all about creating an emotional bond between customers and the organization. This means that everyone within the organization has to be ‘tuned in’ to the customer. To achieve this, our Customer Experience training distinguishes three levels:

  1. Head: Knowing the importance and knowing what to do
  2. Heart: Being motivated to do what needs to be done
  3. Hands: Having the skills and tools required for an effective execution

With many of our clients, training is an essential part of the program. The training ensures that all employees within the organization are aware of their role on the path to a better customer experience.


Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping creates insight into the way your audience thinks and feels about you during the different stages of the customer journey. It also points out what choices you will have to make to achieve a memorable customer experience. It shows where and when there is contact with your brand, online and offline. But how do you map a Customer Journey correctly? Who should you involve? What is a good way to share the journey map? During Customer Journey Mapping training, we will provide you with the answers to these questions. We will happily share all the basics of customer journeys, touch points, personas, service design, and customer experience with you!

Brand Behavior

Many customer experience programs identify optimizations that are often instrumental in nature i.e. rewriting letters or developing an app. Despite the fact that this kind of improvement certainly helps to improve the customer experience, the mentality of the organization and its staff might not have become more customer centric. How do you ensure that managers and employees within your organization are proud of the brand? That they not only know the brand values, but also adjust their attitude and behavior accordingly?

This is what we call the creation of Branded Behavior. By using a proven approach, we structurally work on enabling your staff to deliver on your brand promise. The building blocks crucial to this methodology are Storytelling, Brand Values, and Appreciative Inquiry.

Training On The Job

Improving your customer experience is no picnic. The skills and tools required are often not available in-house. By involving project members throughout our research, they are trained ‘on the job’ to proceed independently in future projects. This approach results in intrinsically motivated employees and easier implementation, while avoiding unnecessary costs for future projects.

Hospitality Training

Hospitality is obviously not restricted to restaurants and hotels alone! Whether we are customers, guests, patients, donors, partners, or colleagues, everyone wants to feel “welcomed”! In this training we focus on personal interaction between people. We let participants experience what it actually means to receive and provide “Attentive Attention”. The strength of this training lies in the fact that participants can put their new skills into practice immediately. By allowing participants to discover what their strengths are, we create a direct motivation to improve on their hosting skills. Interested in what our customers think of this? Watch the video on the left or call us for more information.

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