Customer Research

Customer Journey Research

What value does a Customer Journey map have without proper Customer Journey research? Depending on the challenges, the target audience, and the scope, we select the appropriate research techniques to create insight into customer behavior and the (often unconscious) drivers behind it. For example, at NN Investment Partners, we used in-depth interviews that resulted in wonderful insight. Triodos Bank required a combination of qualitative and quantitative research to gain keen insight. On this page we elaborate on some of our research techniques.


In-Depth Interviews

Our customers’ decisions are based on conscious and unconscious processes. They are often unaware of the emotions, needs, and motives that shape their behavior. It can also be very difficult to talk about emotions and insecurities directly. To gain insight into what drives a customer, we often use associative and projective techniques to identify perceptions, emotions, and choices.

Focus Groups

A focus group is an interactive group discussion led by an experienced moderator of TOTE-M. This method provides an accurate picture of the preferences, the underlying reasons for these preferences, and perceptions of different people on a particular topic. This may, for example, be phases or steps in a Customer Journey or opinions on a specific topic.

Customer Arenas

A Customer Arena shares many characteristics with a Focus Group. Customers are also in the center of our attention here, they get an opportunity to express their opinions and respond to statements. The main difference is that a selection of your colleagues get the opportunity to ask questions and engage into direct dialogue with the customer as well. By bringing together customers and employees, we create an open interaction that allows all participants to learn and experience how the company and its customers interact with each other in practice.

Customer Journey Survey

Quantitative Customer Journey research is so much more than simply pushing a survey out the door. TOTE-M designs a survey study to systematically and accurately inquire under a (often large) number of clients and/or employees. The survey questions measure opinions, motives, behavior or other characteristics. In survey research, it is not about individual behavior, but about the behavior of the group as a whole. With the answers provided to us, we can identify the characteristics of a group of (potential) customers through the use of sophisticated (statistical) methods and techniques. We analyze the obtained data and provide you with crystal clear and actionable insights.


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