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Customer Journey Tour Guide

Whether it is your ambition to gain more insight into and improve a Customer Journey or if you desire deployment of a broad Customer Experience Program, TOTE-M is your tour guide.

We will give you a peek at the methods and techniques we most frequently use and share our rich experience with you. By doing so, you will be able to avoid pitfalls and a desired result can be secured. By not selling you fish but teaching you how to catch it yourself, the principles of customer experience will be well anchored in your organization.


Customer Experience is a hot topic lately, but it certainly is not temporary! More and more companies realize that structural improvement of their customer experiences offers a strategic advantage. Strategy is all about making choices, because focus means profit!

TOTE-M helps you make the right choices. Not only do we look at what is important to your (target) customers, we also help you determine what is important to your brand. Your organization is unique, with its own DNA and personality. By listening to what is important to your brand and your customers, we help you make clear choices. By making clear choices you can give your customers and employees something to choose, to prefer, and to love. ‘Love’ is about establishing an emotional bond, which is so much more than a rational assessment based on product features or price.

Invite Your Customer In

Perhaps you already noticed, reading our testimonials, but one of the methods that truly distinguishes TOTE-M from other consultancies is that we literally invite the voice (and preferably face) of the Customer in. Looking customers in the eye and truly listening to what moves them, provides an enormous amount of inspiration, energy, and momentum. A survey report simply cannot compete.

The true challenge lies in distilling the emotional drivers of your customer and translating these drivers into actionable insights and usable outcomes. Wondering how we do this? Take a look at our CX research methods.

Implementation =
Our Strength

Insights and inspiration on how to improve tomorrow are valuable starting points, but no more than that! How do you accomplish a noticeable distinctive customer experience for your customers? How are your customers going to draw the conclusion that their choice for your brand was the only right one? What does this experience consist of, how can we let the customer feel right at home? How do they know that we are there for them and not the other way around?

The practical translation of insights into noticeable improvements for our clients has always been our focus. Our credo “implementation starts at kick-off” illustrates this well. TOTE-M’s extensive experience and pragmatism ensures tangible improvements for our clients’ customers. In addition to faster, simpler, and more responsive interaction with customers, the attitude and behavior of your staff is of paramount importance. Find out more about methods and concepts such as “Attentive Attention”, “Branded Behavior” and “Always On Stage”. Curious what our clients have to say about this? Check out their testimonials!

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